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Server Components

Hard Disk Tray Caddy Dell SAS, SATA, 2.5 inch pentru R610, R710, R810, R620, R720, R820, R630, R730, R830

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Dell Poweredge T310, R310, T320, R320, R415, T410, T420, R420, R430, R510, R515, R520, T620, R610, T610, R620, R630, R710, T710, R720, R720XD, R730, R820, R910, M915, M1000e,

Dell Powervault: MD1120, MD1220, MD3220i, MD3620i, MD3620f, MD3420

Precision: R7910

DELL: G176J / Y961D / 0G176J / G281D / 0G281D / T961C / KG7NR / XN394 / WX389 / 08fkxc

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Server Configurator (CTO)

Dell PowerEdge R730XD, 24 SFF (2.5") - CTO (Configure to Order)

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Configure To Order Server Refurbished Dell PowerEdge R730XD, 24 SFF (2.5"), 2 x E5-2600 v3/v4, Perc SAS/SATA, iDrac Exterprise, 2 x PSU, max. 5 years

Nota 1: Pictures are for information purposes.
Nota 2: Included: Dell Quad 1GbE.
Nota 3: Hard drives in configurator contain caddy and accesories.

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