Configurator HP ProLiant DL380e G8, 14 LFF - 1 - Server Configurator (CTO) - 1.547,00 lei
  • Configurator HP ProLiant DL380e G8, 14 LFF - 1 - Server Configurator (CTO) - 1.547,00 lei
  • Configurator HP ProLiant DL380e G8, 14 LFF - 2 - Server Configurator (CTO) - 1.547,00 lei
  • Configurator HP ProLiant DL380e G8, 14 LFF - 3 - Configurator Server  - 1 369 Lei

Configurator HP ProLiant DL380e G8, 14 LFF

The HP Proliant DL380e refurbished server is a 2U enterprise server that can be easily upgraded and maintained. It is a flexible server that can be used as a storage and processing server at the same time. It offers up to 14 bays for 3.5” hard drives that can accommodate up to 140 TB of raw storage, or even more.

1. The pictures are for information only.
2. SAS hard disks cannot be used with the B120i controller.
3. The hard disks presented in the configurator contain caddy.


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During the launch of the ProLiant DL380e Gen8 server, HP announced a number of new features on this platform, such as: the ability to control and monitor the server through the iLo 4 mobile application, several temperature sensors through which they created a "sea of sensors” that aims to reduce the cooling costs of these servers. HP has also equipped this platform with more efficient power supplies than the Gen7.


The motherboard is built on the Intel C600 chipset that supports a maximum of 2 E5-2400 v1 or E5-2400 v2 processors. The v2 generation of processors offers a 35% increase in performance while maintaining the same level of consumption. Starting with Gen8, HP introduced the Smart Socket Guide. This is a plastic guide that makes installing processors faster and safer, reducing the possibility of socket damage.


In the configuration with two processors, 12 memory slots are available in which up to 192GB of DDR3 or DDR3L memory can be installed. Using HP Smart Memory will result in a 16% increase in throughput and a 20% decrease in power consumption compared to generic memory modules.

* All servers configured by itStoc are equipped with HP Smart Memory and take full advantage of all the technologies offered by the platform.



Proliand DL380 Gen8 (G8) is available in several hard disk configurations, 8 SFF (2.5 ”), 8 LFF (3.5”), 12 LFF, 14 LFF or 25 SFF. All bays are Hot Plug (the hard disk can be installed and uninstalled without the server being shut down). In the case of 8 SFF and 8 LFF configurations, each hard disk has its direct connection with the raid controller (Smart Array P420 or P822). In the case of 12 LFF, 14 LFF or 25 SFF configurations, the hard disks are aggregated by a SAS Expander located on the front backplane that provides the hard disks with power and SAS connectivity. All configurations support SAS-2 at a speed of 6 Gbps. With the help of the Smart Array P822 controller, the storage capacity can be extended outside the server through its 4 external SAS connections.

* We do NOT recommend using desktop or laptop hard drives on these servers. Servers generally support SATA or SAS enterprise hard drives.



The HPE DL380e comes equipped with 4 1Gbps ports integrated on the motherboard. These can be expanded by adding 1Gbps or 10Gbps network cards such as HP HN523SFP or NC522SFP.



Because it has 2U ProLiant  DL380e offers enough connection possibilities on PCI ports.

Primary Riser (Standard)

Expansion Slot # Technology Bus Width Width connector Form Factor
1 PCIe 3.0 X4 X8 Full Length, Full Height Slot
2 PCIe 3.0 X8 X16 Half Length, Full Height Slot
3 PCIe 3.0 X8 X8 Half Length, Full Height Slot
4 PCIe 2.0 X4 X8 Low Profile



To control the server remotely, HP has integrated the DL380e Gen8 iLO 4 Management Engine. This is a chip integrated on the motherboard that works independently of the operating system installed on the server. With the help of iLO you can start or stop the server remotely, you can see the status of the entire system providing status details for all installed components, such as processors, memory, fans, raid controller, sources and each hard drive. iLO 4 Andanced is an additional license that extends the functionality of iLO and also offers a KVM over IP console. Through this console you can see in a web page the video output of the server and you can enter commands with the help of the mouse and the local keyboard, located on the laptop or computer that accesses iLO. With version 2.

* All servers that are configured by us have the iLO 4 Advanced license and update to the latest version of iLO.


Data sheet

ProLiant DL380e G8
RAM Memory
Suporta maxim 192 MB DDR3
Optical Drive
CPU Family
Intel Xeon E5-2400 v1 / v2
5 x USB, 4 x LAN, 1 x iLO, 2 x VGA, 1 x Serial
Case Type
Rackabil 2U
Power Supply
Suporta 2 Surse 460W sau &50W
HDD Bay Size
LFF 3,5"
Raid controller
Vine echipat cu Smart Array B120i. Se poate echipa cu Smart Array P420 sau Smart Array P822
Hard Disk
Suporta maxim 14 HDD LFF (3.5")
Garantie 2 Ani
Server Generation
HDD Bay Number
14 LFF (3.5")

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